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Wonderful Snarry fic

By following a link , i ended up reading one of the most beautiful Snarry fics i ever readed, i swear i was wiping tears from my face most of the times.It is called "a time to change" with tiemturner and stuff, but realy very good written and contain both angst adn romance:


Otherwise it is 2:05am and i think i have to go to sleep, i am about to pass out on the keyboard.Well, that's it.*rubs eyes and yawn*

May. 7th, 2006

*fall over laughing*

Sexy Snape video:


And after watching it i remebered i have a link to 2 more funny videos "bothering snape" and "trouble at hogwarts":

I just readed a very interresting challenge bu Laurel_tx, i never writed a fic in my life but i am tempted to try.The challenge is like this:
The challenge is thus: Somebody mistakes Harry for James, or James for Harry, and inappropriateness ensues.

Now why/how would that happen? I fucking don't care, that is totally up to you, wheeee! It could be because it's an AU fic and James never died. It could be because Harry's taken an aging potion for some reason or other. It could be because Sirius is unhinged from Azkaban and has a hard time telling the present apart from the past (we've all totally seen the fics where Sirius shags Harry while thinking of James, right? Right.). It could be because Remus is all fucked up after a particularly bad transformation, and really has no fucking (heh) idea what's going on. It could be because Snape is drunker than the town whore on payday. OR, it could be because Cedric is in Heaven, and after a while, he sees James... and OMG, nobody ever told him that Harry looks just like his dad, so he totally thinks it's been a few years and Harry died, and of course his scar is gone because you don't have scars and stuff in Heaven, and did Harry always have brown eyes or is Cedric remembering wrong? (YES, that last suggestion is a shameless play on that one song, deal. I dig the idea of Cedric jumping James, ok?)

Anyway, for the "inappropriateness" that ensues, that's your call, and it can be whatever genre and rating you feel most comfortable with, but it should require at least one warning: sex, cursing, drug use, kinks, violence, etc. ($5.00 says that the fic(s) that x_theradiostar writes requires at least six warnings... anybody wanna take that bet? Anybody? *crickets chirping*). Maybe somebody talks to Harry/James and recounts wildly inappropriate things because they think Harry/James is James/Harry. Have fun with this, ya know? (Or not, you can have angst with it, too, or crack!fic, or humor, or whatever.) Also, this is totally your fic, so you're welcome to pimp it in whatever communities you wanna pimp it in. I'll recommend any communities that I know of for the pairing(s) you include, but I only follow a handful, so by all means, post it wherever you like (just, y'know, specify that it's for this challenge).

And what does Harry/James do in this situation? Do they go along with it, do they try to explain that they're not who the person/people think they are, do they not even realize they've been mistaken for somebody else? Again, up to you.

Three restrictions for this challenge:
1. No original characters
2. Harry can't get sexually involved with either of his parents (I'm an open-minded chick, but that's so not my thing. And yes, there's plenty of fic out there--from shockingly talented authors--that is James/Harry, so this wasn't an overly cautious rule to lay, it does happen in this fandom)
3. Fic must be submitted (by commenting to this journal entry, which will be bookmarked as "Mistaken Identity Challenge" under the links to the left of my main journal page) no later than 13th July 2006

mpreg fic

I just finished reading oneof the best mpreg DM/HP fics ever, it's called "things that change"



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