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I had this account for a long time but mostly i use livejournal to join communities and read fanfiction, reading my old posts i really don't see much difference even now: i prefer to read slash, doujinshis, watch anime and i still love smoking "arjile", i guess even if i though of this as a diary it feels strange now that other people can be interrested in reading my posts, i guess i just wanted to post something to show that the account is active just as a reader moslty not a writer.


I don't think i use this journal too much but oh well i had the sudden urge to write in here today and i will do that now. We had an anatomy lesson today, internal organs and particularly the men's reproductive system and the organs around and well when the teacher started explaining about the prostate, i started laughing i am sure the teacher thought because i was the only girl in the group and i must have found this gland thing funny, but all the time i was remembering slash stories and yaoi mangas and how much this little button can make hot bishies see nirvana, i don't believe the anatomy lesson was ever this fun, i hope the next lesson is fun too but i believe i will be a bit embarrassed since we are studying the female organs next an the book have a VERY clear picture of the exterior view, so well wish me luck because most the boys in my group think only of sex and girls so the commentary i will be hearing the next lesson won't be very hmm appropriate.

Jul. 22nd, 2006

Today i participated in the votes of the spike TV, i mostly wanted to vote for the best fantasy movie, where Harry Potter Gof was nominated.

Here is the link if someone wants to vote:
Saw this pic, couldn't resist not posting it.All you have to do is change the eyes color and you have Ginny weasley in leather.
look hereCollapse )

Jun. 22nd, 2006

This is for my dear hogwartshoney, who asked me me, how does the "arjile" look like.

Jun. 19th, 2006

I am so nervous, i have my final exam tomorrow and on top of that i had to catch a cold, damn luck of mine. Went to see a concert yesterday and didn't consider the changes in weather, so i freezed my ass off, but it was worth it, the concert was great. Came home with a lot of energy which i spent watching the 4 scary movies all night.
Anyway it's late, i have to continue watching the match, and i'm off to sleep to sleep.*yawn*

What a day

What a day. Had an exam today which i passed with excellent marks(YAY!!), but for that i stayed till 14:00 in school. Came home, smoked for half an hour.

Then i decided to watch a film that my brother bought."Chaos" was the title, a very original bank robery film with references to "The theory of chaos", a book by James Gleck if i remember correctly, a really good film, but i only watched it because of the actor, he's an eye candy, and his voice *melts*. The football match started not long after i finished, so here i am taking a break from watching TV.^_^
Football is great, but i am still a girl and i prefer to read slash then watch The mondial.
*runs off to hunt Snape*
You Are 60% Cynical

Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you're a realist.
You see what's screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what's right.

May. 24th, 2006

Yay!!tomorrow the première of X-MEN3, and not only that but the last day of lessons too *sigh happily*.I can't wait to finish those exams and go back to Lebanon, Russia is good and all but i miss my home *sniffles*, really living in a 2 rooms appartment without knowing even any of your neighbors is not like living in a too floors villa and knowing almost the whole town.I'm probably boring you now with my melancholy, thankfully it ends soon*bounces*.I really look a little crazy with the mood swings.

May. 22nd, 2006

Hey, i had a wonderful day, not only the weather was absolutly wonderful but we didn't have any lessons for the day.So i went to the cinema to watch "the code of Da vinchi" after all a lot of our teachers were encouraging us not to watch it , and well since i never listen to my teachers i went and saw the film and i don't regret it at all. It was simply Fantastic.But after such a day i just want to go to sleep.So*yawn* good night.*snores*.


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