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This is for my dear hogwartshoney, who asked me me, how does the "arjile" look like.
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It's very elegant looking!! So how does it work??
Ok, i'm warning you, you may find this a little complicated, which is maybe the reason why people don't smoke it that much. Now:

you fill the blue part with water, almost 3/4 of it.well after u fill it with water u put the metal thing in the glass thin, and then u get the head, you fill it with tabacoo which is the part that give the taste(the special tabacoo used in the arjile is mint or other fruits tastes)after you fill the head you cover it with a tin foil, aluminium foil, after that you get a needle(thin needle)and start making very small holes in the foil, then you put the head on top of the metal thing, after that you put the charcoal on it, not in the centre but on the sides becasue the tabacoo will burn faster and the tast won't be that good(during the prepation of the previous steps the charcoal is usually left on the fire so that he start burning), and as you saw in my picture while i was smoking, you know which tube to use.
Hope that wasn't too comlicated i feel dizzy from explaining, it doesn't seem that hard when preparing.

;o) yeah, but complicated can be fun if you like it!
The arjile is usually prepared whenever there is 2 people or more, not very entertaining when alone so they just share the preparation and it's actually fun.



October 4 2006, 12:58:48 UTC 10 years ago

<3 your pic i want one
Youi are aware i can't give my pics to someone i don't know.