loussi_leb_ru (loussi_leb_ru) wrote,

I am so nervous, i have my final exam tomorrow and on top of that i had to catch a cold, damn luck of mine. Went to see a concert yesterday and didn't consider the changes in weather, so i freezed my ass off, but it was worth it, the concert was great. Came home with a lot of energy which i spent watching the 4 scary movies all night.
Anyway it's late, i have to continue watching the match, and i'm off to sleep to sleep.*yawn*
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Good luck with your final !!!!! I have my final practical exam on Tuesday, so we're both stressed!! :hugs:
Good luck with your exam, i finished mine today, which i successfully passed.Thanks and i wish you best luck too.*sending you positive energy, positive thoughts, my love
and a million huggles*
Congrats, lovey!! Knew you'd do well, and thanks for your positivity!! Million huggles back!
What movies? And what concert? ^.^ Good luck on your finals.
Love your icon by the way.
Was so nervous and had a disc containing scary movie 1,2,3,4 and final destination 1,2,3. The concert was of "youla cavitcheva", a 17 young singer with a fantastic voice who wined the "factory of stars" as they say in russian.
I like collecting Snapes icons, this is one of my favorites.
Oh man! I love final destination 2 (the only one I've seen) I'm dieing to see the others, didn't know there was a third though!
Those films are an enlighting way to see how people can die from natural causes, some scenes are pretty graphic, gave me the creeps for days. Thankfully i had a disk containing 12 films of Jim Carry to cheer me up.