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Yay!!tomorrow the première of X-MEN3, and not only that but the last day of lessons too *sigh happily*.I can't wait to finish those exams and go back to Lebanon, Russia is good and all but i miss my home *sniffles*, really living in a 2 rooms appartment without knowing even any of your neighbors is not like living in a too floors villa and knowing almost the whole town.I'm probably boring you now with my melancholy, thankfully it ends soon*bounces*.I really look a little crazy with the mood swings.
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You should be home now. Happy?
Just out of curiousity - why study in Russia when you live in Lebanon?
Well it's not about what a want in the first place, my parents never asked me if i loved medicine and i never said anything about it either.You see my mother is russian and my father from lebanon,we are 4 children with 3 in the medicine university including me and one in the shcool at the last class wich means he end up medicine next year too, in lebanon not only it is more expensive but much much more difficult.I swear shcool in Russia look like vacation compared to shcool in Lebanon.I so envy Europeans and American students.